10 Ridiculously fun pool floats you can buy on Amazon Prime

With the summer season almost upon and a massive (and growing – sorry husband!) float collection, it’s only fitting I share some of my favorites with you! This post contains affiliate links through Amazon.

A pool float can make or break your summer fun. Seriously though, who doesn’t want a giant pretzel you can lay on?! I love using them for pictures and the kids can’t get enough playtime with them.

#1 Rainbow Float

A rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon which basically means rainbows are magic. Get a rainbow float, be magical.


#2 Giant Pretzel

Carbs and Salt? Count me in! Be a Carby Pool Barbie in this yummy float!


#3 Flamingo Pool

What the flock! When not lounging in the pool, play in your mini kiddie pool! In true summer fashion, no pool would be complete without a flamingo of course!


#4 Dreamy Unicorn

Become a dreamboat on your very own dreamy unicorn. Complete with a rainbow mane, there really isn’t anything more magical!


#5 White Swan

The swan is known for its fierce temperament. Who knew? Get a swan float, be fierce.


#6 Tropical Palm Ring

Instantly hit the tropics in this fun palm float. Personally, one of my favorite prints!


#7 Gold Glitter Ball

It’s not a party without a little gold and confetti! Keep your pool days glam with this fun beach ball!


#8 Pineapple Cup Holder

Summer 2018 requires pineapple pool floats. I love that this holds your drinks while you’re having fun.


#9 Toucan Cup Holder

Back with the birds! The fun bright colors of the Toucan add the perfect pop of summer whimsy.


#10 Flamingo Cup Holder

Flamingos exude less energy when standing on one leg versus two. How crazy is that? Save your energy and have this float take care of your drinks.


Also pictured; cactus ring toss, flamingo ring and pineapple ring sold in participating Target stores.

Outfits: Mike is wearing a Stripe Tank, Onyx Swim Trunk, Black Flip Flops and Tangerine Harper Sunglasses. Jacquie is in a sold out Watermelon Bathing Suit, Mint Flip Flops and Mint Harper Sunglasses.

Thank you for supporting the brands that support us! Love, Melissa xo


Author: hideplayseek

Mom x 2. Sobriety saved my life. Adoption changed it! #hideplayseek

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